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Moving on

I’m in between jobs, literally. Feb. 7 was my last day at the Casper Star-Tribune. I start my new job reporting Ohio government and state issues for the Dayton Daily News one week from Monday. I enjoyed my time in … Continue reading

18. February 2012 by Jackie B
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‘Tis the season to visit Wyoming

The new house feels more like home now that we’ve had three visitors. Yes, we’ve only been here one month. But remember, I had 10 visitors in my first year here. And people say Casper is in the middle of … Continue reading

22. June 2011 by Jackie B
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Still moving in

Now that it’s been a month since the biggest change in my life to date, it’s only appropriate to blog about it. Josh, my boyfriend of three-ish years, moved to Casper three weeks ago. The Star-Tribune hired him to produce … Continue reading

20. June 2011 by Jackie B
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Off-season, on point vacation

I have a hard time getting back to the grind when I miss a weekday. No matter how relaxing the time away, I feel like I always miss something, have to play catch-up. Which explains why I finally unpacked and … Continue reading

12. November 2010 by Jackie B
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I grew up with guns in the house. My dad and little brother hunted ducks, pheasants, deer on occasion. I took gun safety classes but was never interested in picking one up myself. I also wasn’t too thrilled about waking … Continue reading

15. September 2010 by Jackie B
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