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Holidays away from home

Before Christmas, I wasn’t too bummed about spending it away from home for the third year in a row. I survived (and enjoyed) previous Christmases spent skiing in New Mexico and feasting with other journalist orphans in Casper. The actual … Continue reading

31. December 2011 by Jackie B
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Loneliness and resurrection

Get ready because we’re going on a journey in this post. Yesterday I a friend sent me a post about crying in public, about how the fast-paced rhythm of the city shrouds yet magnifies our most private emotions from others. Melissa … Continue reading

24. April 2011 by Jackie B
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Valentine’s week

Most would say my Valentine’s Day sucked: – my valentine was 1,000 miles away – I spent most of the day with the school board – in between shifts, I went to a matinee of the Natalie Portman/Ashton Kutcher rom-com. … Continue reading

20. February 2011 by Jackie B
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Has it really been more than a week since Christmas? Clint checks the turkey. It was done. [Dec. 25] Christmas truly has become a season for me, beginning the day after Thanksgiving when I buy and wrap 90 percent of … Continue reading

03. January 2011 by Jackie B
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Christmastime is here

Hanukkah has come and gone, celebrated with good friends and an excellent brisket/latke dinner. mmm latkes, best with homemade applesauce. This will be the second year of my mail-order Christmas, with various packages arriving every few days. Last year, I … Continue reading

11. December 2010 by Jackie B
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