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Running like a warrior

My friend Jenni posted on Facebook for friends to sign up for the Warrior Dash, a trail run featuring several military-type obstacles, in southern Wisconsin. Man, I thought, I would if I were closer. Obstacle races haven’t reached Wyoming yet. … Continue reading

20. September 2011 by Jackie B
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Empire State of mind

I visited college friends in New York at the end of last month — my first real vacation (not tied to work or family obligations) in a year. I had a few must-do’s but I left the weekend up to … Continue reading

04. August 2011 by Jackie B
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‘Tis the season to visit Wyoming

The new house feels more like home now that we’ve had three visitors. Yes, we’ve only been here one month. But remember, I had 10 visitors in my first year here. And people say Casper is in the middle of … Continue reading

22. June 2011 by Jackie B
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Valentine’s week

Most would say my Valentine’s Day sucked: – my valentine was 1,000 miles away – I spent most of the day with the school board – in between shifts, I went to a matinee of the Natalie Portman/Ashton Kutcher rom-com. … Continue reading

20. February 2011 by Jackie B
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Has it really been more than a week since Christmas? Clint checks the turkey. It was done. [Dec. 25] Christmas truly has become a season for me, beginning the day after Thanksgiving when I buy and wrap 90 percent of … Continue reading

03. January 2011 by Jackie B
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