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Loco after Four Loko

Four Loko, the caffeinated malt beverage affectionately called “blackout in a can,” has been in the news for hospitalizing a dozen college students and causing hundreds more to make very, very poor decisions. The 23.5 oz can has about as … Continue reading

30. November 2010 by Jackie B
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Gratitude — I try to recognize it each day as it happens. Things I’ve been thankful for recently: The woman above me chooses to leave on her heat  — which heats 2/3 of my apartment — while we are both … Continue reading

29. November 2010 by Jackie B
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Committee wants to end Hathaway Scholarship language requirement

Proposal adds arts, vocational courses to curriculum By JACKIE BORCHARDT – Star-Tribune staff writer ¿Habla español? High school students might choose not to speak or learn another language and still be eligible for a coveted Hathaway Scholarship. The Legislature’s Joint Education … Continue reading

18. November 2010 by Jackie B
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Busy bee

I had my first low-key weekend in ages and I couldn’t keep still. Done list.: did three loads of laundry snowshoed at the mountain trail center for the first time this winter cleaned everything – vacuuming, dusting, decluttering restocked baking … Continue reading

14. November 2010 by Jackie B
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Off-season, on point vacation

I have a hard time getting back to the grind when I miss a weekday. No matter how relaxing the time away, I feel like I always miss something, have to play catch-up. Which explains why I finally unpacked and … Continue reading

12. November 2010 by Jackie B
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