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JazzFest Sunday sunshine

Before I could unpack on Sunday, I was whisked off to a wonderful place called JazzFest where the sun was shining, food stands offered at least 10 different crawfish dishes and cold Miller Lite reigned as the official festival beverage. … Continue reading

28. April 2009 by Jackie B
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What’s next?

I’m avoiding the word plan for now. Plans carry the expectation of being definite, dependable, secure. I don’t have much of that right now, but this is what I know. I flew back to New Orleans Saturday and I’ll be … Continue reading

27. April 2009 by Jackie B
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D(efense) day

I defended my master’s project before my faculty committee yesterday afternoon. I was prepared on paper but wasn’t exactly, er, focused. I had been sleeping in hour-long increments since Saturday night, so I was a little tired. And I made … Continue reading

22. April 2009 by Jackie B
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The Final Countdown

Last night I sent a draft of my research project to my committee. I had revised it a few times since I sent the first rough draft to my chair April 3. Final page count: 214. On Saturday I fly … Continue reading

15. April 2009 by Jackie B
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Easter in New Orleans

When I was a kid, Easter meant matching floral dresses sewn by my mom, church in the morning and a baked ham for Easter dinner at Grandma’s. Over the years that schedule relaxed to sleeping in, candy for breakfast and … Continue reading

12. April 2009 by Jackie B
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