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Mardi Gras poetry

Thursday through Tuesday is a blur. At any given point, there were an extra 12-17 people staying in the house. The many many parades can only be distinguished as either day or night. Miles of walking helped my ankle but … Continue reading

25. February 2009 by Jackie B
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Power of the printed word

“Perfect objectivity is an unattainable standard for journalists even in the best of times. Because nobody’s a robot, no journalist can be expected to write in a way that doesn’t reveal at least a little something about who that journalist … Continue reading

18. February 2009 by Jackie B
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First round of interviews: success!

The word research strikes either fear, mystery or disinterest into non academics who hear it. Aware of this, I avoid using it or slur through an explanation of what the word means for my project. Watered down for mass consumption, … Continue reading

13. February 2009 by Jackie B
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Bail me out, mister!

Shouting he phrase “Throw me something, mister!” will usually get you a strand or two of beads at a Mardi Gras parade. Saturday night’s Krewe du Vieux parade appreciated our twist on the famous saying. Parades are sponsored by private … Continue reading

08. February 2009 by Jackie B
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Serendipitous city

The regional representative from my university happened to be in town this week, and he asked me out for breakfast to touch base even though I don’t actually live here and am leaving in May. I’ve stayed pretty involved, so … Continue reading

06. February 2009 by Jackie B
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