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An interview and a history lesson

On Tuesday, I picked up an assignment to feature a restored 1830s Creole townhouse for the homes magazine, due next Friday. I met the owner, Mary, at her home Thursday morning. I rang the bell (an actual bell-shaped bell to … Continue reading

31. January 2009 by Jackie B
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Hunting for stories

People ask what I do all day. I cook, clean house and hunt for stories. And I drink a lot of coffee in between, usually at a different place than the time before. Each day starts with the Times-Picayune and … Continue reading

27. January 2009 by Jackie B
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Spiritual sunshine amid clouds

“Crazy people like to be in the company of others like them — whether that’s locked up or free. I’m telling you know, I’m crazy about Jesus.” – Rev. Quentin Moody I went to mass this morning. (I’ll give you … Continue reading

25. January 2009 by Jackie B
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